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Welcome to The Old School Academy website! If this is your first time visiting the site, please feel free to look around. If you are a guild member, please check out the guild rules, the guild history and the bank rules under the section links, and be sure to apply to the guild with your WoW name. Feel free to make this site your home by posting on our forums, sharing screenshots in our gallery, and setting events up on the calendar. And don't forget, be sure to tell other people in the guild to come check out the site!

The Old School Academy fills a unique niche on Azshara. Because we have 400+ guildies actively involved in the guild, we have more play options than smaller guilds may have. Our guild offers opportunities to level and build on skills with other guild members who have a similar level. It provides opportunity for those who enjoy instances or battlegrounds as a team of guild friends.

Recently, as we have had more members of the guild level to 90 and gear up, we have begun raid and end game progression. We don't claim to be a raid guild, but we do have a consistent group who raid at least twice a week. Our Raid Leaders are guild members who are experienced in raiding and good at leading our groups.

Whatever your expectations of WoW, casual or intense, if you enjoy the camraderie of diverse folks who share a love of the game and a respect for the individual, The Old School Academy welcomes you.

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